St francis college and its benefits to learners

My first year at St. Francis was fantastic. Everyone was so nice, the teachers were understanding if I had other things on my mind, and it really felt like a family here. I made some great friends my first semester but couldn’t stick around to make more because of financial reasons.

Any college student who gets into St. Francis College must be smart.

The way St. Francis is set up is very similar to a high school, which makes it extremely easy to navigate the campus with friends or on your own. The professors are all very helpful and want you to succeed, especially if they know about your struggles with money or other problems in life outside of college itself. This is a school for the smart, poor student who wants to succeed in life.

I can’t say anything bad about St. Francis College because I had such an amazing time here. It was comfortable and beautiful with many places to sit outside or inside if you wanted to study or just relax with snacks after class.

When it comes down to choosing a college, it’s important to know the financial status of the school. St. Francis has an average tuition price (in my opinion) and offers a lot of options for students if they choose to come here. It’s in Brooklyn which is great because it’s in New York with many different options when it comes to colleges in case you don’t like this one or have a problem with it. Going to college in New York is going to be fantastic because of all the fun things you can do outside of going to classes and studying for exams!

I’m a really big fan of St. Francis College and I hope that each person who comes here has just as great of an experience as my friends and I did. This is a school for the smart, poor student who wants to succeed in life.

Advantages of St. Francis College

Teachers are understanding if you have other things on your mind Financial Aid is available (if you qualify) Class sizes are small; it’s easy to talk to the professor! Campus is beautiful and has many places for studying or relaxing Class selection is pretty wide St. Francis has clubs, sports teams, and activities outside of what you would normally find at other colleges in New York Good location- it’s close to many things and easy to get around Many student clubs and activities, such as: PC Gaming Club, Anime Society, Dance Team (St. Francis Dusters), etc

Disadvantages of St. Francis College

Tuition pricing is average; there may be better deals out there Not close to the beach or mountains Average sports team selection

This school is great for..

Smart and poor students who want to succeed in life People who want a smaller campus and class sizes Anyone looking for a college experience in New York Colleges graduates with good job prospects Graduates who earned their degree without wasting too much money on tuition

A big campus with many sports teams Graduates who want to go into specific careers (such as business, law, science, etc.) Graduates who want to spend a lot of money on their degree School pride- there isn’t much school spirit here because the student body is small.