100mm Scrim Tape for Customizing Your Lighting

Scrim tape is 100mm wide black gaffer or vinyl tape designed to act as a solid adjustable flag. The name derives from the term used in theatrical lighting, where 100mm width pieces of black cotton muslin fabric were fixed to a metal frame with hooks and placed between lights and actors for controlling light (thus giving rise to the “dead” lighting effect). 100mm scrim tapes are made in either 100% vinyl gaffer’s tape or 100% cotton cloth, but the dimensions remain the same.

What’s 100mm scrim tape used for? 100mm scrim tape can be applied to your light modifiers like any other kind of adhesive grip. By placing 100mm strips on your flash heads, grids, snoots, walls, gobos, etc., 100mm scrim tape will provide you with a 100% solid object. This is particularly useful for blocking light spill, reducing the intensity of your light, or creating custom gobos. 100mm scrim tape can also create flags on reflectors and beauty dishes by mounting them to 100mm studio clamps, available at any significant photographic store.

100mm scrim tape is a tool that every photographer should keep in their bag. This article will explain how you can use 100mm scrim tape to customize your lighting and why 100mm scrim tape is an essential item for every location shoot.

100mm scrims are made from a lightweight polyester fabric that has been coated with a thick layer of black vinyl. The 100mm width of the scrim allows it to be attached between lights and softboxes, creating a portable light control panel that can help manage light spill and provide even falloff across your subject. 100mm scrims attach easily to the front rods on most standard-sized softboxes too large to fit into a studio strobe’s umbrella receptacle, as well as many studio strobes, light banks, and video lights that offer 100mm accessory mounting sockets. Most 100mm scrims are 100cm long by 100cm wide – they’re black on one side to control the spill, white on the other to reflect light onto your subject for a pleasing softbox effect, depending on how they are oriented.

What are the key differences between 100mm vinyl gaffers tape vs. 100% cotton cloth? 100% cotton cloth scrim tape is much more expensive than 100% vinyl gaffer’s tape due to its higher quality material. 100mm cotton cloth tapes are not as strong as their vinyl counterparts, but they offer significantly fewer reflections (which could potentially damage your subject). 100% gaffer’s tape is stronger, more durable, and 100% reflects light into the matter. 100mm cotton scrims can be easily torn, and 100mm gaffers tape is often sold on rolls, which could save you time and money if you’re not planning to buy 100m of 100mm scrim at once.

Winding up: 100mm scrim tape is an essential tool for any photographer who wants to take their lighting game to the next level. It’s beneficial as a highly adjustable flag, so it will indeed find its way onto your flash head, snoots, and grids soon. If you want to get more out of your gear or own some quality studio clamps, then 100 mm scrim tape will help you do that in no time.

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