Air to water at Daikin

The first aspect: more comfortable

Early air conditioners only emit pure cold as if tossed into the refrigerator of the air-conditioned room, making the air conditioner sick. Many companies are already starting to pay attention to this aspect, and little by little it is starting to freshen up the indoor air, but this is not enough, the future must continue in this regard. For example, in an ideal room, the air conditioning should have the function of relaxing and relieving stress. while that of the car appears to have the effect of refreshing to remove the tiredness of the car in motion.

The second aspect: smarter

Advances in science and technology are raising people’s expectations of living standards, and air conditioning is no exception. Intelligence can include the following aspects: (maybe more)

The phonetics of operation: Eliminate visible control devices such as the remote control, and the air conditioning can be controlled by voice commands.

Functional diversification: In addition to conventional cooling heat, dehumidification, humidification and new functions can be added.

Recognize temperature control: Automatically recognize the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor for proper cooling performance and avoid all kinds of inconvenience caused by people leaving air-conditioned rooms because the temperature difference is too great.

Third aspect: more personal

Consumers are increasingly focusing on personalized products, specific functional needs, or simply wanting to show their own distinctive character. Going forward, companies that can meet the needs of individual customers can win the hearts of consumers. DIY air conditioning could be a popular word in the industry in the near future. The industry can learn from the computer industry to take future orders for custom machines and meet consumer demand for appearance and color. Now the appearances are becoming more and more colorful; Many air conditioning systems combine compatible audio and video functions. Many companies may have noticed the adjustment as well, but are still in the exploration phase. Personally, I think the future of “music air conditioner” is worth promoting and it may have the functions of downloading and playing music while the video air conditioner view is more limited, after all, the small screen is hard to get to to meet the viewing needs.

The fourth aspect: more respectful of the environment

In fact, many companies have already taken action and some have done a good job. There is no doubt that air conditioning is sure to go the extra mile in terms of lower energy consumption, less noise and less pollution.

Daikin has also established four state performance test centers for packaged central air conditioning, high temperature air conditioning, air and water chillers, and FCU and AHU. Now the appearances are becoming more and more colorful; Many air conditioning systems combine compatible audio and video functions. In addition, a joint laboratory called Daikin was set up in Daikin, a professional network-based laboratory for operating and monitoring systems for air conditioning systems. It was the first of its kind to be set up with Siemens in the HVAC industry.