All about jewelry

Working from home has changed our lives a lot. There are no strict company protocols and we can work in our most comfortable outfits.

When it comes to men’s jewelry, you can always wear nifty, minimalist pieces at home. This is because you can still hold video conferencing and meetings and not wear accessories that are too flashy or too bright.

So here is your home jewelry guide to add a subtle accent to your personality:

  1. Ring the doorbell

You will feel at home in the most comfortable of surroundings and clothes, so choose a ring that fits snugly, looks elegant, and doesn’t feel extra or flashy. Plus, it shouldn’t be a distraction from your work. Silicone rings are a great option. These are comfortable, durable and heat-resistant without compromising their attractiveness. They will serve as the perfect ring for every day.

The 9mm black double layer silicone ring feels calm and modern. It is exactly what we are talking about.

You can also opt for a silver stainless steel liner with a solid carbon fiber center ring. This is another solid and lightweight ring that looks classy and is a very suitable everyday accessory.

Styling tip: You should wear a maximum of 2-3 rings. Everything else seems extra!


  1. necklace

You don’t have to wear these heavy metal chains when you are at home. Get a chain that looks great and feels light. Similar to the 4mm flat curb chain made of polished silver-colored stainless steel. It’s elegant, happy, and cool. The silver color goes with practically all of your casual outfits so you don’t have to worry.


Casual pearl bracelets look cheeky. One of our best-selling items is the Brown Tiger Eye and Molten Lava Bead expandable cuff. The tiger’s eye is like an evil eye and the lava pearls are designed to protect you from anger and negativity. Working from home won’t get on your nerves. It’s expandable and comfortable. You don’t have to take it off while doing chores.

If you are interested in chain bracelets, you can also check out the Blue Denim Fade Sidewalk stainless steel chain bracelet. It looks great with your sweatpants and flip flops too.

Style Tip: If you wear a pearl bracelet you don’t have to worry about a combination, but if you do go with metal bracelets, make sure that the metal of the bracelet matches the metal of the watch. That’s the right way to pair the two up.

  1. Trailer

A lightweight, stylish, and practical pendant like the 2GB Vertical Bar Design Silver and Black USB Pendant is a smart choice for working from home. This doesn’t look bold and doesn’t require any extra attention.

  1. Earrings

You have the choice between discreet and attractive rivets, for example in silver-colored stainless steel, which are simple, elegant and convey your self-confidence and style.

If hugs are your thing, you can opt for the 2.5mm black stainless steel hugs. The black man is considered humble and proud at the same time. So that you can highlight your male side in the best possible way.

Each piece of jewelry is subtle enough to add charm to your personality without being the center of attention. We only want you to attract attention with your good work and congratulate you on your sense of style!