Anemometer with wind direction

Anemometers are very important devices that measure wind speed and direction. They are used in many different applications. The traditional application of these devices is in meteorology. Wind speed is one of the important factors influencing weather and climate. It is also important to measure this parameter as it can pose a threat to people, objects and structures.

What is an anemometer?

It is a simple device equipped with cups or vanes fixed on a rotating pole. The wind moves the glasses or the blades and generates electricity. The intensity of the electricity produced is directly proportional to the strength and speed of the wind. The results are reported directly on the device or are periodically recorded as a report. You can also connect directly to the network system and send information directly to weather stations or other institutions interested in this data.

Where are the anemometers used?

In addition to traditional use in meteorology, these devices can be used in various industrial installations, power plants, wind turbines, construction sites and other structures. Wind energy is a new form of clean, renewable perspective energy. It is well known that this type of power is becoming more and more popular around the world. All wind turbines must be equipped with anemometers to measure wind speed and predict energy outages for the selected period. Fluctuating wind is a critical factor in limiting the use of wind power, but a well-controlled plant can be optimized to become extremely reliable and ready to operate in all conditions.

What are the main requirements for anemometers?

These devices must be extremely reliable and able to operate in difficult conditions. Therefore, they must be made with high performance materials that can withstand environmental influences. The other important feature of these devices is the fact that they must be completely sealed, to dust and corrosion. Therefore, they must be carefully tested to demonstrate their performance and reliability.

Also, the multi-channel hot wire anemometer is very durable and gives you accurate readings. It has a backlit display and a comfortable grip that allows you to take measurements very quickly. It is very compact and lightweight in nature. It has a multifunction rocker switch that makes it easy to use. Store a good amount of data so you can easily download it via the USB interface for analysis at any time.

The high temperature anemometer is characterized by its unique characteristics. It offers an easy-to-use menu and a scrolling screen selected by the user. It has a backlit LCD screen with a 20-key keyboard. It is very resistant, strong and reliable in nature. It is manufactured with components that pass a thorough combustion test that makes it extremely reliable. It has multipoint calibration correction factors for flow and temperature. It provides the fastest response to changes in temperature and speed.

This anemometer is used for various applications. These applications include general purpose air flow measurements, combustion air velocity and flow rate calibrations, duct shifting, piles and ducts and, finally, for research purposes. and development.