Benefits of glass ensuite door

Glass ensuite door is a type of construction which is made up of a glass wall and door. It is exclusively used to make bathrooms appear larger than they actually are. This construction is not just a fashion statement, it’s also a safety measure that helps to keep the bathroom contained and secure.

Benefits of glass ensuite door

  1. Look

This type of construction looks elegant and classy. The glass material is clear and the shiny surface of the glass makes the bathroom look larger.

  1. Discounts or free money

Building companies are always on the lookout for ways to build their business. These companies will offer discounts to buyers who choose glass ensuite doors as part of their bathroom construction. Even if a building company does not offer a discount for buying these doors, there are things you can do to get discounts from them. For instance, as soon as you have chosen this type of door, you can call around and ask for estimates from builders in your area.

  1. Environmental benefits

Glass is a recyclable material and does not require energy to build or move. This means that the building company is minimising their environmental impact. To keep costs down, the company is also using less expensive materials, like plastic instead of glass.

  1. Security and privacy

Goods often get stolen, so the building company will make it difficult for intruders to break in through a door or window. You can install a deadlock on an additional door, above or below and this will restrict access even further. There is a glass lock used in bathrooms that can be opened from the inside without a key. The bathroom will be secured and even if someone tries to break down the door, the intruder will not easily gain access to the bathroom.

  1. More safety

While the building companies will not recommend this type of construction, they are aware that it is a lot safer than moving materials like wood or glass in and out of the bathroom. A good example is the construction of aircrafts, where the materials are heavily secured. Another safety measure for this type of construction is that glass cannot be broken as easily as other materials.

  1. Affordable cost

Because fewer trades are required to build this type of door, you can save on costs by using less subcontractors and lower-costs materials such as plastic instead of glass in your bathroom. You can even save on costs by using your own labour instead of hiring it out.

  1. No maintenance

This type of construction is designed to use less maintenance time than other types of construction. For instance, this type of design is not affected by condensation, so it’s not necessary to have a dehumidifier in your bathroom. Other types of construction can also be affected by condensation and humidity, so you will have to keep this building well maintained so that the moisture doesn’t build up and cause mould or leakages. It is also recommended that you maintain these bathrooms regularly, as this keeps the materials in good condition and makes them last long before they need replacing.