Family Holidays Norfolk

It’s been a long time since you took your whole family on holiday. This year you have decided that your parents, siblings and children should all come along, but you are wondering where you will get comfortable accommodations for all of you. How about booking a holiday cottage in Norfolk? When many people hear of a cottage they tend to think small but in this case you would be wrong – while there are some small cottages that are available for hire, there are many big ones that have several bedrooms, enough to accommodate everyone with ease.
The great thing about booking a holiday cottage in Norfolk is not just the peace and quiet of the countryside. There is plenty for everyone to do. While the older ones go out and explore the surroundings, the younger children can stay in the vicinity where there are lots of activities that they can enjoy. Better yet, if you book a cottage that is near the beach you are assured of some sun and tan.
Most Norfolk cottages are self catering. This means that you will need to prepare your meals, which can be a great convenience when you are with family. You will need to shop in advance, but if you don’t make it don’t worry – there are markets nearby where you can get everything that you need to prepare your meals, and most of it is delivered straight from farms nearby.
If you have a family pet don’t leave him behind – there are many cottages that allow you to one pet. Special needs are also catered to – if you need an extra bed, cot or even a wheelchair ramp just let management know in advance and everything will be waiting for you when you arrive.
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