How To Repair Your Convertible Top


If you own a convertible then chances are you are someone that likes their car to look perfect and nice twenty-four hours a day. This is understandable considered how amazing convertibles are and how rare it is to own one. However, for those who do own one they often encounter a serious problem that prevents them from enjoying all the amenities of their nice convertible and that is the breakdown of the convertible top. The convertible top repair kit is the most delicate part of the vehicle as it is made largely of strong cloth and not metal like the body of the car.

Step #1 – Educate Yourself On The Components of Your Convertible Top

The first step is to educate yourself on the components of your convertible top. You need to understand how it is constructed and understand the cloth/metal relationship as it pertains to your convertible top. This will give you the knowledge to go in and navigate while you are making repairs. It also helps you prevent damaging the car further and adding another problem to the list.

Step #2 – Buy A DIY Convertible Top Repair Kit 

Once you have the basics down then it is time to go buy a convertible top repair kit. A repair kit will allow you to perfectly fix your convertible top while saving a ton of money in the process.

Step #3 – Install The Repairments As Stated In Instruction Manual

After you have your kit the next thing to do is start repairing your car as stated in the instruction manual. Follow the instructions to a tee to make sure that you are solving your problem and not making it worse. Failure to read directions properly is a big reason for most mishaps.

Step #4 – Double Check Repair Effort For Mistakes

After you have fixed your problem you want to go back and double-check to make sure that you did not make any mistakes. A mistake could be really bad news in a convertible so it pays to check twice.

Step #5 – Enjoy Your New Convertible

Once you are back in business the last thing to do is give your convertible a test ride. If that goes as planned, your car is back to the road.