Independent Boarding Schools

One of the questions you have to ask yourself as a parent who wants their child to have a UK education is, what are the benefits of independent boarding schools? These schools are expensive, and you need to know their advantages before you enrol your child in one. Here is what your child will get:

• They will be in a small class size. State boarding schools have less stringent entry requirements, which means that they admit more students. For your child to get into an independent boarding school they will have to take a series of tests and pass them all. A small class size means that your child will get one-on-one attention from their teachers. This is especially important if your child isn’t academically gifted.

• Their results at the end of their A Levels will be much better if you take them to an independent boarding school. Statistics show that about 90% of children who go to these schools go on to higher education, many of them in top universities.

• Your child will have lots of choices in an independent school. These schools offer a wide curriculum as well as a range of other activities to help your child become well rounded.

• If you want your child to enjoy more and better facilities you should enrol them in an independent boarding school. They will have things like science labs, computer labs, swimming pools, well equipped libraries and more.

• These schools have lots of tradition and ethos, which means that your child will grow up in an environment where they are encouraged self-expression, confidence and hard work – they will be prepared for life.

One school that can help your child achieve all these things is the Cambridge centre for Sixth Form Studies. You can find out more about it on