Local Joiners

One career that many people in Cambridge do not look to is joinery. This is like carpentry but it involves the putting together of pieces of wood to make things such as doors, window frames, stairs and so on. Joinery can be very lucrative if you do it well – there is always construction going on and there is also a lot of work to be found both in residential and commercial properties. If you go down this road you will be able to make a comfortable living for yourself.
Becoming a joiner is not very hard but it requires some patience. In fact, there is no formal training required. All that you need to do is find someone to apprentice with. You will begin by watching them as they work so that you can understand what joinery involves. Over time you will be given small tasks to accomplish and as you become better and better your tasks will be more complicated. Once your master feels that you can make it on your own he will let you go and you can start off on your own. This process takes a few years but it is well worth it. It is worthwhile to mention that you need basic math skills for this job.
If after your apprenticeship you find that you do not enough money to start your own business do not despair. There are many joinery companies and woodwork companies that are always looking to hire trained joiners. Look for the best ones in Cambridge and it is quite likely that you will get a job. You can also start your career in a woodwork company like those that make fitted kitchens – they too are always looking to hire trained employees. A job will give you the opportunity to save and in time you can open up your own workshop.
One Cambridge joinery company that is always looking for good help is ALN Carpenters and Joiners. They work on many of the big construction projects in the area and you can be sure that you will get a lot of experience as well as job satisfaction there. Find out more on http://www.alncarpentryandjoinery.com/.