Medical Communications

When coming up with a PR strategy for your medical company one core area that you have to take into account is communication – it is what tells the market what you are about and what your company and products can do for them. Unfortunately, medical communication is not as straightforward as other kinds of PR communication. It is often complex – the people who develop scientific products and solutions document them in ways that the layman cannot understand. In fact, many a product has been ignored because the masses cannot make head or tail of the accompanying comunication.

Developing a new medical product or procedure is a time consuming and expensive process and you want your company t be fairly compensated. For this to happen you have to find a way to communicate with the masses that makes sense to them. You also have to make sure that you communicate in the places where they are looking – gone are the days when people looked in medical journals for the latest developments. Today, if you want to get their attention you have to go where they are.

All this may sound a little daunting to a scientist but it should not deter you. What you need to do is hire a medical or science PR company to help get the word out about your company and products. On looking around you will find that there are many companies that do this work out there, but since you want to be successful at your first try you need to hire only the best.

One such PR company is KDM Communications. They are based in Cambridge, and their work won them the Best Full Service Life Sciences B2B Marketing Agency of 2016 award. They are excellent at strategic planning, communication, design and branding and many other areas of science PR. You can find out more on their website,