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Photo Chemical Machining, also popularly known as Photo Chemical Etching, Photo Etching, Photofabrication and Chemical Etching is a very securely guarded process that only a few companies have the secret recipe of it. In general terminology, this process is used to produce particular parts, metal and sheets. A flat metal sheet is utilized to create high quality products.
Photo Chemical Machining is known to be cost effective and the process requires a lot of precision to create that perfect part which is required.
Here is the list of the metals which are suitable for Photo Chemical Machining. It is very important to know about the metals before you get into the process.
•cold rolled stock
•Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Spring Steel, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Beryllium Copper, Nickel Silver, Molybdenum, Silver, Titanium (EDM Wire Erosion ONLY), Bronze, and more
The metals mentioned below can hinder the successful etch process. So, it is recommended to prevent these metals
•High carbon content metal
•Cobalt, Palladium or Titanium
Now, for Titanium to be used, one required a special chemistry. Although various companies use Titanium for Photo Etching.
Searching for such companies who looks for such precision can be tedious. Specially now when every other company promises you to provide that perfect finish in etching but fails after some time. In that case, there’s one renowned company called Qualitetch who have been serving satisfied customers since past 25 years. They have provident excellent services and is one ok Uk’s leading company and worldwide.
They strongly believe that customer service and the quality of delivery starts from the first point of contact. This doesn’t end with delivery, but, even services after sales is prominent.
There are other wide range of services that the company provides, click here to know more.
They have served industries within Electronic devices, Aerospace, Defense Projects, Medical Devices, scientific, etc. over a quarter of a century. This proves their seriousness, dedication towards providing the best in the industry.
Whether you require Photo etching to be done for oil or gas, medical devices or anything that comes in mind, Qualitetch can help you fulfil all your requirements at ease and at an amazing price. They will help you with the Accuracy that you require i.e. all products within 0.010mm accuracy. Turning your wonderful ideas into reality is what we aim for.
Why choose Qualitetch?
•25 years of service excellence with many satisfied customers
•They check with you before providing the parts either in sheets or loose. It’s completely at your discretion
•Provides premium services in case of urgency
•Served industries
•Believes in transparency
•Case study provided for your reference
And many more..
Qualitetch provides you a complete package that includes great quality work done by their team of b
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