San Miniato Truffle Hunting

If you will be heading to Florence for a few days you must schedule some time to hunt truffles in San Miniato. This area, which lies between Florence and Pisa along the Arno River, is famous for its white truffles that are most commonly found between September and December. In fact, that is not the only time that you can hunt truffles in San Miniato – you can hunt black truffles between November and March and if you visit between January and April you will be able to get your hands on Marzuolo truffles. If you can brave the winter heat your prize will be rewarded with the Scorzone variety.
When you go truffle hunting anywhere in Italy you will need three things – a dog that is trained to hunt and find truffles, a guide to take you through the forests of the area and you will needs treats for the pooch – when they find a truffle they are usually rewarded so that they don’t eat it. On your part it is important that you educate yourself about truffle hunting. They are a kind of fungus that grows under specific tress and under very specific conditions. It is easier to find truffles about a fortnight after a shower of rain.
You can book truffle hunting tours for an hour, two or even a full day – it all depends on how determined you are to get yourself some of this precious stuff, how much you can afford to pay for the tours and of course how much time you have on your hands. As you book your truffle hunting trip don’t forget to include a cooking lesson where you can learn some delicious and simple ways to incorporate your catch into meals.
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