Sheet Music Stand for Concerts

RAT Stands features the best sheet music stands for all live performances. With quality craftsmanship and a strong eye for detail – our sheet music stands continue to meet the needs of conductors and musicians across the world. In fact, we have been producing quality music stands since 1976 – and our products are currently used in operas, live shows, and even lavish Broadway musicals. As an industry leader in music stands and accessories, RAT products feature eye-catchy designs that correlate with any existing them or décor. Our illumination stands also add aesthetically- pleasing visuals that truly enhance any performance. While based in the UK, RAT Stands are used and enjoyed by countless musicians and conductors around the world.

The RAT Stand Guarantee

RAT sheet music stands continue to receive great reviews from performers and conductors alike. In fact, our stands are designed to reflect the current musical trends and styles. This includes sleek and streamlined designs that truly accentuate any classical or modern musical performance. Whether for conductors or band members, RAT stands are technically advanced and support all artists, musicians and directors. From user-friendly features to durability and sturdiness, our stands will achieve all desired results. We are also proud to showcase the latest in orchestral stands and accessories, including:

•    Adjustable, lightweight and mobile music and orchestral stands.
•    Conductor sheet music stands for all live music performances.
•    Cutting-edge and innovative lighting and illumination stands.
•    Speed Decks – Tablet Stands.
•    Chairs for performers, conductors and musicians.
•    Customized and personalized stands that meet all musician tastes and styles.

Music sheet stands are convenient and perfect for all musical shows. Made from durable materials, these stands will meet all your needs within time and budget. When it comes to RAT stands, you get th best products from the best in the business!