Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors get high praise everywhere you look. Many people choose them because they make their homes look more elegant, they are great for small spaces and they are also easy to maintain. However, before you rush off and buy sliding glass doors for your next remodel it is important for you to know some of the drawbacks that they present.
One of the biggest problems with sliding glass doors is that they get stuck in the tracks. This can happen for two reasons. It can be as simple as the tracks are dirty, or it can be more serious if the installation was not done properly. You don’t want to find yourself with a sliding glass door that will not open or close so it is important to make sure that you keep the tracks clean at all times. You can also oil them from time to time to ensure that the panels slide with ease.
Another challenge of sliding glass doors is that they can present a security hazard because people from the outside can see in. At the very least you may have to deal with curious neighbours, but it more serious cases vandals can take advantage of such doors to assess whether homes are worth breaking into. So long as you choose the right kinds of sliding glass doors you shouldn’t have any problems with security. Your doors should be tinted or etched – both make them opaque without affecting the amount of light that the glass lets in. To be double sure you can have your sliding glass doors wired with alarms so that if there is an intruder you are warned right away.
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