Top High School Boarding Schools

You want your child to have the best schooling that you can pay for – it is the only way to make sure that they are equipped to create a good life for themselves. Your decision to send them to a boarding school is a good one because they will be better able to focus on their studies. However, not all boarding schools are as good as they claim to be. There are some important qualities that are shared by the top high school boarding schools:
•    They have a track record for academic excellence. When you look at their results in the recent past you will see that the school is able to send most of its students to good universities and other institutions of higher learning.
•    They have a wide curriculum. Gone are the days when students were limited to a few careers such as law, medicine, politics and teaching. Today, there are lots of career options available to students, and good boarding schools have expanded their curriculums to include a wide array of subjects so that students can choose whatever they are interested in. Find out what your child’s interests are, and whether they are supported by the curriculum on offer at the school you have in mind.
•    If your child is coming from another country it is a good idea to send them to a school that has an international student population – they will be able to make friends and fit in faster, not to mention they will be able to learn lots from other cultures.
Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies meets all these qualities and more. It is one of the best boarding schools in Cambridge and has an excellent track record for local and international students.