Top Independent Boarding Schools UK

Your parents have left it up to you to choose an international boarding school in the UK and you are not sure where to start. Congratulations – not many young people get the opportunity to study in the UK which has some of the best international boarding schools. If you choose yours carefully you will be giving yourself a great advantage; you will be able to get good grades in sixth form and you will go to a top rate institution after that.
While most international boarding schools in the UK are advertised as the best, you should do your own research so that you can find one that is truly a good fit for you. The first thing you should look into is academic performance – how well has the school performed in the last few years, and how many of their students have been able to go to the university of their choice after they sit A levels the first time? If you are not very fluent in English you should look for a school that offers English lessons to foreign students so that you can improve.
Most international boarding schools offer good boarding facilities but you should look into them just to be sure. Check what the set up is like – how many students, for example, are required to share the same dorm, how many students per bathroom and so on. You should also look into the food – it may be some time before you are able to adjust your palate to English food.
The school should offer an excellent support system for international students. There should be extra classes for those who need them, counselling sessions and students should be able to get in touch with parents when necessary.
Try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. You can learn more on