What a self build bungalow is

However, innovation in the design of new bungalows has made them an ideal choice for people who want to build a house.

What are the bungalows?

Despite the different definitions, a bungalow can generally be defined as a low-rise house that has only one story. However, in some cases this can also have an additional half story with a sloping roof. One of the latest bungalow designs even includes the 2-story house.

Bungalows have a wide variety of advantages. They tend to have a large square footage and as a result have a large living space. This also helps the house accommodate various room numbers. A simple bungalow layout is created for up to 4 people living in it. However, due to the design and room for expansion, they can accommodate even more. By definition, bungalows are low-rise and therefore easily accessible even for people with disabilities. They also provide great privacy, as even small trees and shrubs are enough to block the view from outside. A neighborhood full of bungalows is much safer and more private than those with multi-story houses.

It is quite common to confuse bungalows with other houses. As a result, there are some characteristics that distinguish them:

A sloping roof

The entrance usually opens directly to the hallway.

They often have a large porch that can also act as an outdoor room.

They have outdoor areas like decks, patios, etc. that are easily accessible.

Most of the time they have square and sharp columns.

They tend to have a balanced and well-proportioned exterior. However, they are mostly asymmetrical at first.

The way how it has evolved?

The term “bungalow” originated in the Bengal region. It was initially used to call the British lodgings built in India. Very soon the British brought this idea to England and with the idea of their country houses they began to build more bungalows. Soon, this became a symbol of status in the country. It later spread to the United States, where various design innovations and variations were introduced. For this reason, there are currently several types of bungalows.

Common types

Artisan bungalow

These are used to define classic bungalows, regardless of their location. They are most common for their wide, hanging eaves.

California Bungalow

They are very similar to the previous type. However, they differ in the construction material used. They are usually made of wood and not brick. This style is used in various countries such as Australia, England, etc.


The modern bungalow design concept has curved corners to bring a sense of movement to the home. They are usually made of materials such as concrete, glass and brick.

Tudor Renaissance

This quirky type has steep-slope roofs with large, long chimneys.

Prairie style

Also known as the Chicago bungalow, it has large springs to support its porch and roofs. They also have wide, flat fireplaces. Besides these types, bungalows can be built with other designs in mind. There is no limit to the design possibility in this domain.