Boarding Facilities in Britain

Britain, particularly Cambridge, is home to some of the best boarding schools in the world. That said, not all of them offer good boarding facilities – there are many that have less than desirable accommodation. Your child will not do well academically if they are not comfortable in their boarding quarters. To help you find a good boarding school that takes care of children well, we have compiled a short list of what you should be looking for:
 • Your teenager needs good nutrition in order to thrive. You should look for a school that offers children at least 3 good meals a day which include lots of fruits and vegetables. Look into what kind of meals they offer – they should steer clear of junk.
 • Your child needs privacy in order to study in their boarding quarters. There are several schools in Cambridge that offer students their own en suite rooms for a small additional fee. If you cannot afford this kind of arrangement make sure that your child shares a room with only one other boarder.
 • If it is the first time that your child will be away they might get homesick and even lonely. Find a school that allows children to contact their parents if they want to. Buy your child a mobile phone and a laptop.
• Some boarding schools in Britain have weekly boarder as well as permanent boarders. Weekly boarders get to go home every weekend. If your child is going to be a permanent boarder you should find a school where most of the students are permanent boarders. if you choose one where most students get to go home on weekend then your child might get lonely; also, the school might not feel inclined to arrange weekend activities if most students are gone.
 • Any good boarding school will have a permanent boarding manager who is available at all times to students.
 • If you have a child who is shy and timid you should look into whether the school that you have in mind has a history of bullying.
 We recommend one school in particular – the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. Not only does it have an excellent pass rate, it has great boarding facilities. Children get to live either alone or in pairs, they get three meals a day and snacks, they have a boarding manager at all times and you can get in touch with your child at any time.