Boarding School Facilities in Cambridge

As a parent who wants to send your child to a boarding school in Cambridge, you want to choose a school that has good boarding facilities – if your child is not comfortable they will have a hard time focusing in class. The problem is that all schools claim that they have good boarding facilities. It remains up to you to do some research and find a school where you child will be comfortable. To help you, we have compiled a list of tips that you can use to find your child a school that has good boarding facilities:
 • Check into hoe many students share a room with your child. Ideally, they can get an en suite room of their own but keep in mind that for this you have to pay an additional fee. If you cannot afford this kind of arrangement then you should get a school that allows only 2 students to a room.
 • Nutrition is important at this stage of your child’s life – they are growing teenagers and they need to get at least 3 proper meals a day. Find out whether the school is keen on offering healthy meals that include fruits and vegetables.
 • The main reason why you are sending your child to boarding school is so that they can focus on studying for their 6th form studies. Check into whether the school offers good academics and what kind of pass rate it has. It should be able to send most of its students to institutions of higher education.
 • Extracurricular activities are a child – they allow your child to become well rounded and they also allow your child to relax. Find out is the school offers sports and things such as outings to cities such as London. Students should visit museums and galleries in order to acquaint themselves with art.
 • The school that you settle on should have all the resources that students need to study. It should have a nearby library and there should be Wi-Fi in the boarding facilities.
 • Your child should be able to communicate with you if tey need to. The school should allow kids to call or Skype after classes. Buy your child a mobile phone so that communication is easy.
 The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies is one of the best 6th form schools in Cambridge. They have a very good academic track record and they offer excellent boarding facilities. You can reserve a spot for your child by  visiting their website,