Boarding vs. Day Schools: Choosing the Perfect Option for Busy Parents


It’s quite daunting to settle on the perfect educational path for your son or daughter, and for many parents in the UK, there are a few decisions that are hard to make than whether to opt for a boarding school or a day school.

If you are faced with a similar decision, you’ll probably follow your instincts. However, you can often make a more informed choice when you consider what will be required of you as a parent in both types of schools.

Day schools

In day schools, you will be required to prepare meals for your child, to supervise their homework, and to take them to other places that may foster their learning. Again, if the school isn’t within a walking distance, you will be required to drive them to school, and pick them up on a daily basis. You may also be required to take them to other extra curricula activities outside their school. What’s more, your involvement will also be required in school activities such as Parent Teacher Association and school committee/board meetings among others.

Boarding school

Unlike day schools, when you take your child to a boarding school, you will be saved from the hustles involved in making their meals, ferrying them to extra-curricular activities, or supervising their homework. The child will be well looked after by qualified and caring staff, and will learn in a comfortable and supportive surroundings. In fact, modern boarding schools in the UK really are partnerships between parents and schools, so your child will get the best in terms of learning and overall well-being.

Simply put, if you have a busy career, boarding school is worth considering. Boarding school offer parents more flexibility that is not possible with day schools. By opting for a boding school, therefore, you will have more time to focus on your career as your child get the best possible educational start in life.