How To Find A Top-Notch Orchestral Stand


One of the biggest decisions that you have to make as a musician is what orchestra stand that you are going to use. Everyone needs something a little different. Even though every person needs something different, they still need the same needs to be fulfilled. Naturally, most people are going to need something different, but very similar. With that said, you can make a great educated decision on an orchestral stand by going through the right process. Going through the right process will allow you to efficiently buy any product. This is especially true when judging pieces of musical equipment. When judging musical stands you need to follow a step by step process to make sure that you do not overlook anything. If you overlook one critical thing you could set yourself back in both performance and price. To find the best possible orchestral stand for you follow the steps below and you will not fail.

How To Find A Top-Notch Orchestral Stand

  • Determine The Specs You Need
  • Search For Products With Comparable Specs
  • Read Product Reviews For Each Stand
  • Factor In Price
  • Sleep On It Before Making Your Decision

Step 1 – Determine The Specs You Need

First, you need to figure out what specs you need in the stand. To do this you look at things such as stand height and range. There are a variety of stands out there for people of all ages and sizes. Women’s sized stands have a range that may not fit tall men. Consequently, many large stands created for men will not be usable for a female of shorter height. Once you determine what range and specs you need it is time to move on to step 2.

Step 2 – Search For Products With Comparable Specs

The second step is to search for products with specs comparable to the ones you are seeking. To come up with a list you will want to either go to a music store and compile a list from the internet. Compiling a list from the internet is usually better because it factors in products from numerous companies.

Step 3 – Read ProductsReviews For Each Stand

Once you have found a list of products that you want to narrow down you can start reading product reviews for each. The obvious place to start reviewing products is on the internet. There are a plethora of review sites out there and plenty of people leaving reviews. This feedback is invaluable when picking out an orchestral stand.

Step 4 – Factor In Price

Once you have figured out the quality you are looking for and narrowed down your list, you can start factoring price into the equation. If two products are identical and one has a better price, there is no sense in spending more on the other product.

Step 5 – Sleep On It Before Making Your Decision

If you are like most musicians, you are passionate about every stop in the process. Make a decision and sleep on it before following through with the purchase.