Dartington Vase

If you want to give your home a new and fresher look without spending a lot of money on a remodel you may want to try buying Dartington vases. Dartington is a global manufacturer of crystal ware and vases and they have a selection that is hard to beat. Dartington crystal vase are unique and they have the potential to transform any room. In the past, these vases were reserved for the rich but today, with a little extra money you can buy different designs to spruce up your home.

In case you are wondering why crystal is considered special, it is because of how this particular type of glass is made. It starts out the same as any other kind of glass, but somewhere in the manufacturing process elements are added to it to strengthen it. This allows the glass to be blown thinner than ordinary glass, and when it comes to glass elegance thinner glasses always win. Crystal vases, because they are stronger, also come in more intricate designs. They have lots more clarity than ordinary glass and they are longer lasting.

At Dartington you will find a wide variety of crystal vases that you can choose from. Whatever your decor you can be sure that there will be vases that will match it. You don’t have to buy matching sets – you can mix and match as you please. Dartington vases are known for their long lives – so long as you treat yours with reasonable care you can be sure that you will have them for a long time. In fact, with Dartington vases you don’t have to buy expensive flowers to bring out the best in any room – they can make the most ordinary blooms look exceptional.