Geox Sneakers

Geox is an Italian apparel maker known for its distinct shoes and jackets. It has stores around the world selling these uniquely Italian pieces. Geox shoes boast of unique technology. The 3D breathing system is designed to keep the feet cool in hot conditions. To achieve this soles are made with apertures to allow the feet to breathe. It also has a waterproof layer that lets moisture out. Even if it allows breathing, the outer layer is protected enough so no dirt or foreign objects can go through the shoe and injure the foot. The breathing is enabled by technology that lets out moisture leaving the feet dry and comfortable. The technology makes it ideal for summer, running and any other occasion that calls for comfort and style

Our sneakers are also very flexible and quickly adjust to the foot shape. Flexibility offers a perfect fit and minimizes discomfort. The soft cushioning inside the shoes provides your maximum foot comfort. The shoes also have the unique 3D performance unit; this technology provides support and balance to the wearer by providing a hold to the feet. The traction provided ensures that you can move with minimized risk of losing balance.

Among the sneakers in the Geox, the range includes: Android for kids has Velcro fastening making it easy for the kids to wear them, and has lights to increase appeal to children. New Jocker has pink hearts and lights ideal for little girls. Nebula the laceless stylish shoes for men are light, functional and versatile. They can also be worn as slip-on. The Amphibiox is waterproof and perfect for all conditions. They Geox sneakers do not wear and tear easily compared to other brands. They have rubber bumps to protect the leather. They are hard wearing and will last you a couple of years.

Say goodbye to sweaty feet with a pair of Geox sneakers, which keeps the water out and the feet dry.