Nicest Boarding Schools

Is there a difference between the nicest boarding schools and the best boarding schools? There sort of is. The best boarding schools in England are usually described as the ones that continue to excel academically year after year. The nicest boarding schools, on the other hand, tend to be the ones that have the best facilities. A school can be classified as the best boarding school but not necessarily the nicest. This simply means that the school does well academically but doesn’t necessarily have the best facilities that money can buy.
Is it worth your while to take your child to the nicest boarding school? It depends on what you hope to get out of the boarding school. Say your child is already quite strong academically but they want to go away to boarding school so that they can become independent. You can choose to take them to the nicest boarding school that you can afford. They will have lots of facilities to further their education and they will also be surrounded by supportive teachers and staff. If your interest is purely academic you should probably be looking at the best boarding schools because they tend to emphasize academic performance over everything else.
One thing you should know about the nicest boarding schools is that they are not cheap. You will have to part with tens of thousands of pounds every term, so you should prepare yourself financially. Make sure that you know well in advance what the school needs from you so that you don’t encounter financial difficulties down the line.
The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies has excellent facilities and high academic performance but it also provides a comfortable living environment for students. You can find out how to make an open day booking on