Sixth Form Colleges, Cambridge

Your parents have suggested that you enrol in a sixth form college in Cambridge and you are not sure whether it is a good idea. You have always lived at home and you are quite worried that moving away from home will not do you any good. Before you make up your mind think about the following benefits of sixth form colleges, Cambridge:
•    You will no longer have to commute to and from school. Think about how much time you spend on the road every day. Isn’t that time that you could put toward better use? You could use it catching up on subjects that you haven’t been doing very well in.
•    Once you are enrolled in a 6th form Cambridge college you will have n opportunity to study without any distractions. When you are at home it isn’t very easy to study because your family is around you, not to mention neighbours and friends. You are also surrounded by distractions in the form of TV, video games and a thousand other things. In a Cambridge college all those things are eliminated. You will be able to pay proper attention to your studies and increase your chances of getting a good grade.
•    If you choose a good Cambridge college you will have everything that you need to help you pass your exams. You will be have dedicated teachers who have plenty of experience, you will have fellow students that you can study with, you will have a good library that you can use for reference books and you will also have labs and other facilities that help you in the sciences.
We recommend that you try the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies, one of the best 6th form schools in Cambridge. You can find out more on